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Blue Star Interview Questions
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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT?

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What is multiple inheritance ?

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what is mutex?

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write the test cases for date month and year field by using testing techniques

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wirte the test cases for triangle by using testing techniques

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In BizTalk development where and how you have to use custom developed .NET components?

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What is the difference between Sleep and wait in winrunner what is integration testing and types of testing present what is system testing what is data driven testing what is functionality testing if requirements are given to you then how do you write the test cases for it Account number = Ok cancel For above given form the valid account number starts from 1 to 1000 so is it necessary to input the 1,2,3 ….998,999,1000 test cases to check the conditions of valid account numbers I,e is it compulsory to write 1000 test cases for the above form


What is the role of a tester in the test plan preparation? What elements tester physically develops in the test plan document.& what exactly this document contains?

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what happens if we check 'exclusive' indication in access sequence, and what happens if we do not chec

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what is the link between Ar and PO modules? waht is link between ap and po? what is link between gl and po? what is link between gl and ap? what is link between gl and ar? what is link between ap and ar?

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Hi... What is fullform (Stand for) ISI Mark(who is available in any product) ?

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what is the chiller and working principal


DG B-check,C-Check,D-check is depending upon the running hrs.If the running hrs is not reached as mentioned.How to conduct the DG checks.

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what is the formula for converting KW into KWH ?

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Write a program to show the functionality of servlets.


What is tree shaking?


What are live connections in tableau?


What is competition? Which type of ecological interaction is competition?


What is the difference between variable & constant?


What is arguments in java?


What are the three methods to customize organizational structure of an organization?


What are default access rights in teradata?


Write a program in ASP that connect with "Employee" Database and Select all records from "Emp" table and shown in tabular form.


What is operating system and its examples?


how can i determine the KVA/MVA rating of transformer precisely?? is there any standard test?????


Tell me what is ‘man made fibers'?


Is javascript easier than python?


1)how to reduce the value of tan delta of trasformer and CB,bushing,CT&PT,CVT ? 2)how to reduce the resistance of CB contact and its operating time? 3)plz.....send me the project report on conditioning and monitoring of substation equipment on my email id (


What are the steps to configure cloud connector?