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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the scale analysis for condensor of HVAC system

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ANY ONE TELL ME ABOUT generator synchronization panel panel to synchronise 3 gen of 250kva both automatic and manual. 2 gen output vol 415 3ph, 1 gen output vol 400 3ph SEND THE DETAILS DIAGRAM ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS as soon as possilble best ragrds electrical engineer ayaz mahmood SAUDI TECH


How to select the rating of a CT used for REF protection. The rating can be of equal rating of Phase current or neutral current rating


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what is the problem of generator over voltage.?except automatic voltage regulator card


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what is form factor

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what is the range of using dol starter & star delta starter.

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what is amf panel & how it is working


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tell me working of air circuit braker.

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what is the working of ups.

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what is working of no & nc.

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what is the working of vfd drives.

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what is the material use in bus bar & why.

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when motor taking high amp what happen.

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what is the highest transmission voltage in India till now?

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What happen if we have run 415 V,50Hz designed motor at on 480V,60HZ

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how to check avr of dg set of 125kva


What is servo motor and what are different types of servo motor


why current flow to the opposite direction of flow of electrons???????????


Why frequency changes due to load variation in power system ? i.e why when load increases frequency decreases?


If UG power cable both ends are to be earthed or what? If not why?


what is KA rating and how can we choose switchgears on applications


Cb closed condition if there is a tcs fail whether cb will trip or not


What are the different types of LT Cables?


What is difference and reason b/w -48V BTS system and 24 V BTS system. Plzzzzzzzzz tel me.


In a large office how do we calculate required number of light fittings, assuming fittings are 4x18W or 2x36W fluorescent fitting ?


Define steady state error.


what are factors comes under relay setting (distance relay 7sa52) under OPEN DELTA VTs connection??


What is the drawback of class b amplifier?


What is synchro?


i m doing DEEE in part time,can i join regular cources in BE,,IF i join what the cources can i select like (civil,ece,IT) ,,kindly advice