Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the scale analysis for condensor of HVAC system

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ANY ONE TELL ME ABOUT generator synchronization panel panel to synchronise 3 gen of 250kva both automatic and manual. 2 gen output vol 415 3ph, 1 gen output vol 400 3ph SEND THE DETAILS DIAGRAM ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS ayazleo@hotmail.com as soon as possilble best ragrds electrical engineer ayaz mahmood SAUDI TECH


How to select the rating of a CT used for REF protection. The rating can be of equal rating of Phase current or neutral current rating


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what is the problem of generator over voltage.?except automatic voltage regulator card


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what is form factor

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what is the range of using dol starter & star delta starter.

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what is amf panel & how it is working


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tell me working of air circuit braker.

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what is the working of ups.

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what is working of no & nc.

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what is the working of vfd drives.

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what is the material use in bus bar & why.

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when motor taking high amp what happen.

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what is the highest transmission voltage in India till now?

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What happen if we have run 415 V,50Hz designed motor at on 480V,60HZ

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According to conduit size which size wiring & how many wires can we provide wires in conduit & how can we select conduit size accordingly?


hi friends how 3 phase converter functioning ?what is working principle of rotory phase converter ?


how is capacitor bank look like


can any one know is sbi interview based on merit or based on roll number


we can run 2phase as 3phase .what will be the differnce with respect to phase angle, power, current between the two modes


What are operating procudures & Safety precautions to be observed while operating OLTC in manual mode ?


what is a types of short circuit and what is a types of distance protection tests


How can we find the breaking capacity of a Load breaker switch (LBS) fed from 11 kv supply??ex:50KA, 26kA etc???detailed step vice answer pls.


pls tel me the electric train traction motors name plate details like rpm,torue,voltage,amps,watts..ect..


Is Transol transformer oil comparable to nynas nytro libra?


What is the operating principle of turbo-generator.


where lt & ht capacitor used


what purose of the double circuit transmission line phase of the line phase changed for circuit-1 for Circuit-2 R-Y-B B-Y-R


what is difference between 5A and 100A CT constructional wise and operation?


What should be the amps for a MV fuses for transformer 630kVA 20(10)/0.4 kV