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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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There are 2 Flip_Flop with logic between them. Given Clock to Q delay, logic prop. delay, set up and hold times specify maximum clock frequency of system. What happens if second output fed back to first input. Any changes? What happens with timing if second output is fed back to logic between the flops? Good Luck!


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I am shobana from Chennai. I am having my personal interview on 19th Dec at Chennai.kindly mail me the questions to mail id

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How to calculate busbar size & what is the procedure we make for determine that?

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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?

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Hi, I'm going to attend BHEL interview for exexutive trainee (ET ) on 22nd DEC . Till now if anyone attended the interview pls help me out regarding the interview. I'm an electrical engineer


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hello!my name is sheikh iam preparing for indian engineering servieces,please send me the old question

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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?


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What is ZCT? it operating principle and how is work with RCCB (residual current circuit breaker)?

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In what circumstanced the CT used for protection relay will be saturated?and what will happen to the relay is the CT is saturated?

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Is pure capacitor load and pure inductor load is an linear load? pls justify

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how much speed will trawiling current


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What principle and operation of frency drive

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Whats the diference between Induction motor and servo motor

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Why servomotor and induction motor are in different shape

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Explain the working principle of servomotor

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draw singleline diagram of star to delta and dol starters


electrical knowelge


is it true there's a big difference in using Cummins or Denyo...especially power output or leakage


sir i had plane to do some project with the base of hopkinson test in AC supply its possible


hi everybody how to design string combiner box (scb) internal parameters like bus bar and spd (surge protection device and fuse which place to set that,and also bus bar one particular cross sectional how much heat generated and how much power loss tell me Clearly and briefly


What do you mean by per capita requirement of electrical energy in india


How to calculate no of EARTH PIT? Describe the formula as per IS standard?


Why 30kw 40 hp 4 pole 3ph induction motor over heated?any steps on reduction in heat?


ELECTRICAL DRIVES: can a motor load system with passive load torque can have equilibrium speed in second quadrant


what will happens if one phase is missing for 33/11kv power transfomer and why?


what ispositive, negative, zero sequence impedence?


Why hydropower stations are preferred solution for meeting peak loads in grids?


What does the term power factor shows?


Why do we use copper cable for HT Supply and why not Aluminium?


Instrument connected to a single phase supply