Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Send me Model Question paper for the post Scientific Assistant in NPCIL


dear sir/madam i want to get some knowledge about RRB EXAMINATION(section engineer) 1- what is minimum cut off 2- wht portion is major portion . 3- can any body provide Sample paper. thanks & regards ashish



how can we know cable size for a given current? if any one have catalogue plz mail to vijay_raju369@yahoo.co.in

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what is mean by derating factor?


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why in three phase 440 circuit in all phase current is almost equal L1-35 A,L2-34 A ,L3-31 A but in nutral when i check with clamp meter it shows 25 A?


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What is meant by Active and reactive power?

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What is meant by Active and reactive power?

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why for transformer protection we protect tranformer from 3rd hormonics and 5th hormonics and what is the reason of generating these horminics in electrical system?

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what is difference between start imitation and start interlock for 3 phase motor protection ?


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1.Whats the use of GNAC(Generator Neutral Accessory Compartment) 2. why generator or any other system require Neutral Grounding and not Phase grounding 3. what happens if any one of the phase is grounded. 4. if 15kv is grounded directly what will happen, why it should not be grounded like that 5. use of of NGTR(Neutral Grounding Transformer and Resistor) for grounding is helpfull and how

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what you mean by frequency of an igbt& how to find it?

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what is suitable alternative for an igbt?

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i have interview in Pepsi company what type of question will ask please send the question and answeer



hi frnds can any one help me ? plz send me placement paper of hpcl of Electrical streem .... plz send ....its urgent . The hpcl test is on 17th feb.

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Why are you like to join it job as a electrical engineering student?

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how to modify DOL control panel into Delta Y connection?


What happened when capacitor connect series in ac circuit?


Transmission voltage is kept 11KV,33KV,66KV,132KV,220KV due to form factor. What happen to 400KV and 765KV transmission voltage?


why different series of vfds (like allenbradley)are used in industry ?


Who are the manufacturer for Nitrogen based Fire Protectio/explosion prevention for Oil Filled Transformers? India and international both?


how to convert lv line to hv line and viseversa, any losses will occur during this process


what is v/f control in VFD?


what reason of line current and phase current in star connection and line current and phase current not equal in delta connection?


What is core CT & it's function?


how we do Vector group ,magnetic balance and tap changer test in Transformer?


how to calculate the conductor size for certain KV transmission line and distribution line?


In a 3 phase 4-wire system. For a 3.5 core cable if all loads are single phase and balanced, what will be neutral current? will it be sum of all phase currents? Or it will be zero? And if loads are unbalanced what will be neutral current?


how can we determine size of a cable by knowing the kw or current rating of a load?how can we calculate the resistance box of a slip ring motor?


i have faced a problem in ro plant grunfos make bm30type pump it is 22kw pump. We start this pump using siemens 3rw 4423-ibc44, 30kw softstarter but this soft starter will frequently failier so we planed to change dol starter. So pls tell anybudy its possible or not.


what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.