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Integra Interview Questions
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Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't solved?

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0.23 + 0.02323 + 0.002323.... == ???

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what is meant by application server? what is the main difference between appilication server and webserver? what extra services offered by application server than web server?

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What is Stability and Performance Testing in Testing the TV


How to calculate busbar size & what is the procedure we make for determine that?

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Hi Friends, I have got 3 years of exp in IT industry in to Testing, working as Software test eng., in hyd.. kindly let me know any openings in Pune with this @ or

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write the test cases for mobile incoming,out going etc

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Hi All, This is karthik from bangalore, I have applied for my H1B and it got selected in lotto and it's approved on June 19 2008.Now i am waiting for mu interview date. I am working here with a software company for 3 years but before 6 months it was taken over by another concern and now all my revisal letter and pay slip will have both the companies name logo etc..... my questions is.. Will it affect anyway in my H1B interview?


I have a textbox , assign required field validator and i have two buttons 1) save 2) cancel , i want the validator run only when i click save button, don't validate cancel button , what to do?

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What is the output of the following 3D Array int arr[3][2][2]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}; what is the output for arr[2][1][0]?

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what is difference between tax invoiced & retail invoice

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struts 1.3 features?

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1.what is the reason for transformer and lightning arrester blast in 33kv system

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How to set the star delta timer setting?

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Now I inject 1kv DC supply r&y=??? R&Y=?? Y&B=?? B&R=???? RYB&N=??? RYBN&E=????? Minimum value====???????

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Un-Answered Questions

we have two generators different capacity on 15 MW and other 6MW at 11 KV , 15 MW gen. bus short level current 40KA,and 6MW short level current 25KA,, length of cable 100MTR between 6 MW from 15MW gen. for bus coupling . kindly tell any one can we use both NGR OR one NGR from any GEN. BOTH NGR has diff. rating. Tariq pakistan


Can you explain about pole discrepancy scheme


how to use telugu language in vb6? any unicode data is available for telugu or not?yes means how to use? my desired output is telugu only? i am doing project like(telugu calendar),my output should be print in telugu only? pls send me the solution with code?


honararium for the month of march 2013 can be paid on 31 mar 2013


what is the meaning of SST300 V56A in SIEMENS turbine


What are the Severity Levels in Laravel ?


How would you describe your personality?


when we design electrical schemes of 11/.415kv distribution..wen and were should we show the relays??what is the function of it?for example..we place EFR Relay CT between transformer neutral link and transformer earth.Like this what are the other type of relays we should use?why?where?Explain please..Thank you


how many E1's in pasolink and ipasolink?


What is the need of base registers in IBM 360/370?


What is shielding effect?


what is level 2 automation?


What are the key differentiated features of your product or service? - Venture Capitalists


Q1. Write ten test cases on mm/dd/yy 1699<=YY<=1999


what is the image of point (3,8) in the line x + 3y = 7 ?


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