Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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during installation time of transformer and alternator which points we have to observed?


what is principle in relay testing kit?

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how we can calculate which capacity capacitor bank we have to add for improve pf?

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what is the difference between LT and HT power supply?

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why buchholz relay installed in inclined position


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what is zero sequence curr ent ?

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why we cant use AC supply products in DC supply?

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why 3 phase motors are preferable over single phase motors ?

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how to select cable size?

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what is the purpose of starter in tube light?what is it operation .

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1)Why electric shock is feel ?? n in a Electric Train why we didnt feel that ? 2)What is the reason for transformer Noise ?? 3)What is relation b/w Transmission Lines & Communication Lines ? 4)Which material is used for making Transformer oil & How u measure its dielectric strength & Name the test ?

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To check the earth condition (In plug points); the voltage between earth and Neutral is in below 5 volts. Is it correct

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What is effect of power factor on change in voltage

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Whats the difference btwn a latch, port,data bus buffer? Do they all not hold data in d flip flops??


which network topology offers the greatest level of tolerance?


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on a three-winding transformer relationship delta-delta-star, on third winding why the relationship is a star? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thank you and please help


how can we make cable shedule for controll wiring ? which details must be required for it.?


in single phase converter, the no.of scr's conducting during overlap a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4


What is the lower limit of break-down voltage of converter transformer.


please send me the previous year's question papers of jindal GET exams


High voltage test procedure of in swgr board. why should measure millivolt drop on testing time?


Starting times for soft starter & power factor is thier any standard or datas available in manufactures list. Kindly suggest.


What is the reason for using a GE G101 MCB in place of an EP102 MCB if both are capable of AC circuit protection?


what is the major difference between LIBBP & HIBBP.. which one is most preferable..


what is the AC Plant and how can do the work with parts and picture tell us 150 Tr


how we test a 3 phase motor on single phase supply....? HOW WE RUN A 3 PHASE MOTOR ON SNIGLE PHASE. supply for testing..? how we verify of a 3 phase motors 6 wire & name thame a1/a2/a3..b1/b2/b3 and c1/c2/c3 for connecting star delta starter ........i have only 1 phase supply ? help forum..........


What is the difference between Droop vs Isoch Control?


what is the use of commutator in dc motor if we supply ac ? commutator is used to convert ac to dc.and it is used to arrange the flux in unidirectional in case of dc supply. if we give ac as supply to dc motor what is the use of commutator?


Brushes are placed at magnetically neutral axis,when brushes reach that point,the armature conductor gets shorted,but it can be seen that the dc supply is also shorted,wont that get damage? help me plz


i want to apper for apgenco or aptransco or related can any one sugest me where can i get previous papers of thouse exams