Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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any calculation method for decide cable size for current?

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how we select fuse rating for motor?

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which safety we have to take when we go for work?

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what is range ACB

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in electrical fire which group fier Extinguisher as used

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what is ph test in coolent cheking

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When a square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output wave form of secondary ?

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why is a avtomatic voltage regulator used for?

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Detailed working of a diesel generator set ?

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Construction of Diesel generator set?

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I need the list of Universities who have summer intake for BS degree in Electrical Engineering.?


how Practicaly reduce stating current of the motor

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what do you mean by star connection?

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what is the chiller and working principal

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What is the effect of leading power factor for power transformer & D.G?


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how is capacitor bank look like


What is float cum boost charging system?


Good day everyone,currently in our premise we using 30kw slip ring motor with resistance bank which we use as forward and reverse at conveyor bar handling. So,my question is how do we calculate the resistance bank which is suit the motor. Kindly,assist me... thank you


What's mean HVF & HAF in Vacuum Circuit Breaker?


i want to apper for apgenco or aptransco or related can any one sugest me where can i get previous papers of thouse exams


which book to refer in electrical engineering for iocl exam & which book for general english.


I have experienced electrical maintenance HT ,but I completed be ECE ....can I apply c license or not ???? Pls help me friend s...


How to arrange a hous hold earthing system to keep minimum earth resistance( below 7ohms).


in non technical way how can u define POWER FACTOR??


Can you explain about TEE protection scheme?


hi every body i am master student in control engineering and my project is slip control in trains i assumed a Dc motore as traction motor but i don't have characteristics of this kind of motor that is used in train. i want from every body if he or she has the characteristics or information about Dc motor that is used in train give me those information or technical characteristics .


how ct burden,magnetising current,ratio and knee point voltage are related & derived


why electron produce magnetic field when it is in motion?


What is difference between Harmonic and Non harmonic Capacitor Bank?


what is the reqirred voltage in HT motor to get full RPM on no load test?