how we select fuse rating for motor?

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / sindhu

fuse rating is selected depending upon the rated current
which will be specified in the name plate details of the
usually for load test,
fuse rating=(125\100)*rated current

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / harish kumar

fuse rating is selected depending upon the full load current of the motor , generally 1.5 times higher then the full load current.

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / arulkumaran

(e.g) motor current rating = 8 ampetre
fuse rating = 8 * 1.25
= 10 ampere

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / os

Code F: 2.5 X FLA
No Code Letter: 2.5 X FLA
Wound Rotor 1.5 X FLA

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / alpesh chauhan

dear friends, fuse is provided as backup protection for relay and is for short ckt and ground fault protection. Its rating is depend upon relay rating. Not upon motor.

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how we select fuse rating for motor?..

Answer / dany

fuse rating will be decided by the line current of the
motor ,but not on the basis of armature currentor field
for ex if line current is say13.6amps ,then fuse should be

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