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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Synchrounous motor is three phase motor,but its not self starting .why?

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Clearly Define Active,Reactive,Apparant power.Which applications used which power above metioned power?

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what are the basic concept to design a out door Substation?

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Why we call cable rating in it is 240 how much the diameter possible?is there any calculation ?

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What is mean by CT Saturate? how do we calculate?


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how to use single phase supply for a three phase equipement.

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specific gravity of a battery?

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In India which type of PLCC IS used?

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In Ferranti effect,Receiving end voltage is greater than sending voltage,why? can anybody tell me the answer

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how to calculate no. of earthing pits and their diamensions? no. of lightning arrester rods which are required to protect a building of 35 mtr and we calculate?

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What is Ohms law?

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how am i achived model paper to prepratio for bhel exam


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What is the meaning of TRI Vector meter?

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how to calculate knee point voltage of current transformer?

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11kv/0.433kv, 2 mva , transformer , for protection and metering how many CT/PT are required?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Why do we pefer VCB over OCB?What are the advantages of VCB over OCB?


i am completed diploma in ece,and working in ht and lt is elligible diploma in ece for get electrical C Licence?plse give ur opinion?


what happen if drive input fail momentry at 48.5 HZ frequency?


Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.


why most of junction box vendors providing T5/T6 Temp class jb's for T3 area any special reason?


Difference between ac parallel circuit and ac series circuit?


how to calculate differential current when we testing differential relay..suppose we have 1000kw generator,630amp VCB,what value we should put /inject so that relay trip the VCB? PLLZ justify ur comment


(In MEP services) HVAC in AC Plant room what else can we provide if the chiller is not considered?


tan delta equation test on alternators


The sodium vapor lamp is not glows when it is connected a distance of 5 meters above from gearbox, why ?


use of choke in APFC panels


what happens if dc supply is given and the remedies for it.


how does a submersible pump work..?


how to identify conection leads of an unknown electric motor


can we synchronize star system generators with delta system transmission line ? and how ?