Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how a vibration switch's high signal will going to trip the motor? can u explain with some examplesand wiring diagrams?

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pls send previous bhel electrical papers



how set earth fault over current in relay

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what is the difference between the electrical and electroncis


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Which is capital of Indian State Tripura ?


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can we step up dc power using transformer?

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In a parallel circuit dc circuit with two resistors, if you know the voltage, amperage, and one resistors ohms, what formula is used to find the second resistors ohms?

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condider as 100 w lamps glowing . for completing a one unit how much time it should glow


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what is the difference between the diode and the rectifier

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can any one tell me the formula for calculating the power and unit consumpetion


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what happan when ac power transmitted in unity power factor

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which %age if losses increases when frequency is increased to 25%

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which %age of corona losses increses if frequency is increased to 25%.

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why heat produced at junction of two different conductor. what care should be taken to minimize it.

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What is the difference between voltage transformer and potential transformer?

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How can i calculate the Breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker, is the breaking capacity of CB for Diesel generator shall be less than grid supply's breaker ?


Can you explain about pole discrepancy scheme


what is the illumination level required for child play area?


list the type of vfd? wich is sutable for heating kiln?


what is the differation bewreen kwh & fundamental kwh in electronic trivector meters


In EDO ACBs what is a purpose of closing coil and motor, what is the operation of these devices are they inetconnected. means if we give supply to motor and by BCS we charge Closing coil,what exact is operation is and how it charge a spring of ACB. Sir if anybody has an wiring diagram please send me the link to operate and EDO breaker.


7- What is the Dissipation Factor and the difference between it and Insulation Resistance Test? 8- What is the task (function) of DC and AC reactors in power plant? 9- What is the task (function) of (open delta with earthed) in some types in transformers? 10- What is the base of the selection of the vector group in transformers? 11- What is the zig-zag transformer and its function by drawing in large detail? 12- What is the polarity ? 13- Why we make short between phase(R) in high side and phase (r) in low side in vector group test? Where High Side ( R ,S and T ) and Low Side ( r ,s and t ). 14- What are the time on delay and time off delay? 15- What is the vector group? 15- What is the task (function) of different types of vector group such as Dyn11 , Dd0 , YNd1,……..,?


in HT service 3ph 4 wire service Y-phase voltage shows zero . whether it is meter fault? or what be the reason ? if y-ph voltage zero ,can current is recorded? reasons for failure?


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Draw a block diagramof Three UPS systems connected in Parallel mode?


what is the id1 & id2 setting in differential protection relay of CSPC?


how to determine Sq.mm size of finolex power cables.


what is earth pit , how we can measured it, what earth rods reference


What is the function of NGR for the parallel operation of alternator? whats happen when different rating of alternator are running with parallel?


i want to know how to determine that a surge arrester work properly in 11kv system. and how to test a 12kv surge arrester