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  • Jackson interview questions (4)

Jackson Interview Questions
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how to calculate knee point voltage of current transformer?

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what is the difference between thermal magnetic release and microprocessor based release breakers. what are the advantages of latter over the first one...

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I got selected in SBH clerical.What is my pay scale & Where i will get appointed.

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What is A check, B check, C Check & D check for a diesel Generator? Please guide me as this question was asked many times and till now i haven't get right answer.If you can mail me then please mail me the answer @

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Hi Experts, What is Auto Debit in SAP? please of any body know let me know the answers Regards, Inthiyaz


graphaite has higher melting point than fularine


wat is the com(common object model)object for mozilla firefox???????plz if any one know the exact answer....reply me......


) how do u code after getting data?


c program to display the information of given file similar to givan by the unix or linux command ls -l


Tell me a customization which you have done & worked for your client which is not in standard SAP settings? Explain the requirement along with detailed procedure & process,t- codes if any from your real time data in your project? This question is most frequently asked in many interviews.Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance


How will you configure BW to load data from data stages?


How to print nodes of a Binary tree?


how many litres of enamel paint required for 5000 sft of site?? 


If any body working in Infosys, please can u give me the referense to that company because i hered that their is openings for freshers with referal..


Why do you want to be a trainer?


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Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor.


wich is coming the first HAZOP OR SIL


in transfer funds module, how you come to know that amount has been transferred successfully or not....explain in detail


Jackson Interview Questions
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