Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is bandpass of a transformer?

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When a square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output wave form of secondary ?

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please send me the L&T Emb. sys. placement papers and entire details of pattren



Why we connect the capacitor in Delta?if we conect in Star what will happen?

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What is IGBT?Where it is used? What is the difference between IGBT and Thyristor?

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What is mean by diversity Fator?

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can we use 220 volt 15 w a.c. lamp on 220 volt d.c.


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Explain Clearly Pahase and Neutral?

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Why the Motor takes High Current in Starting time?

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What is the difference between Surge protection device and Lighting arrester?

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Explain the working principle of Synchronous Generator and Assynchronous generator?


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why the current leads voltage in the case of a capasitor


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Motor also having losses, we call KW rating. In transformer and generator having losses but we call KVA Rating why?

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The rotor current is directly proportional to slip. How?

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How the starter control the starting current in three phase AC Motor?(In DC apply the reistance).

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How to apply 'c' license and also explain what is difference between 'c' and 'b'license.i am also working in one of the private company.i have finished my diploma in 2014 .i have already finished in ITI electrician course.....


how to check three phase motor torque value?


Is phenomenon of resonance is harmfull fr the machine? if not or if yes please explain it?


reason of diode failure in alternator


what are the installation procedure of high voltage power transformer,CT,CB&PT?


how can calculate resistance box for 15 kw, 6 pole, RV-230, RA-42 motor


Why are the cores of large transformers built up of circular transactions ?


A powerplant has 8 gensets operating in grid parallel mode. In one genset sometimes there is pf variation and kvar variation. The plant operates in pf mode. When this variation is observed the load is stable, voltage is also stable, freq and genset speed is also stable. How will you check the functioning of pf card. What shall be the ideal output vdc of the pfc, from there it is input to AVR?


Explain about Dubai electrical sysaem? Explain about Dubai drinking water system? Explain about Dubai Burj tallest building Electrical,Water.etc.. maintenance system?


explain which quantities change in the starting and the and the running condition in induction motor


Inductor and capacitor........power in one phase and ...... in it another phase.


Where voltage are high and current to be interrupted is low the breaker preferred is:


Can you please explain creepage distance in detail, for a 6.6kV cable head what must the distance be and how do you determine it?


WHat is the requirement of installing FAST ACTING EARTH SWITCH in GIS and how is that integrated with protection system. How and when does it operate?


Why open circuit test of transformers is conducted at rated voltage??Why not any other voltage??