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what parameters are should nessary for control technic dc drive(in rolling mills)?



There are three bucket...Apple,Orange and Apple+Orange....On each Bucket one of the following labels are there..'A','O','A+O'...all this labels are not correctly patched on Bucket..identify which bucket contains What? You can not see bucket..u can pick any number of fruit from any basket...???



advantages & disadvantages of Lagging and leading power factor .



What is Fan Coil Unit . How can we calculate CFM .

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Star Delta Diagram with full description

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What is Fire Panel ? How it works ?


how to caculate cable size for given amperes


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I got i20 for university of bridgeport,university of new heaven and eastern michigan university.Please tell me visa success rate for these universities.And I want to go to Connecticut.At that place two universities are avaliable one is new heaven and the another one is bridgeport.Which is the best? Please give reply as early as possible.


what are the reasons of low voltage during start the DG?

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why we test the core balance of the transformer?

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why we test the core balance of the transformer?


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why we condut tan delta test i want brief explain?

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how to calculate the ct burden?

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how is motorized megger operate?

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It is being often experienced that due to single phasing fault of any source transmission line of any closed loop synchronized circuit all the power transformers with primary stared trips but the power transformer with primary delta wont, why ?


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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

how to get electrical supervisor competency certificate in gujarat. i did 3 year diploma in electrical


What out turn civil works


use ofr concrete as per grade ?


explain about Visual Merchandising.


what are the cube & Sylinder strength of concret M20,M25,M30,M35,M40,M60 ,M75,M10 ,M15


how we are selecting instuments by differentiating certain instruments in 4 to 20 ma range and certain in 1 to 5 v dc


what is the formula for hv test for cable and circuit breaker..????


how are reversing the direction of rotation of dc motor


which types of relay used in acb and vcb?


to which generation of prog. languages does ai prog languages belong


which is chemical used as in ro water what is difference betweeen multi grade filter&dual media filter


Dear Sir/Madam, I have one questions we have three steam turbines and one Gas turbine and our industry linked with the public network, we have protection system one of the protection is reverse power we can export just four MW only i would like to ask about how to calculate the reverse power. Thank you in advance best regards


how does the properties of an element changes by increasing protons and electrons?


Dear all, I'm manikandan I have done by DIPLOMA EEE from 2011 , I have 5 years of experience from Power plant instrumentation field , which one field is give long life & which one field is best ,I confused a lot and also I'm studying AMIE, can I choose which department from Section B examination? pls tell me


What is servo motor and what are different types of servo motor