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Persistent Interview Questions
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What is Applet Flickering ?

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What is singleton class?

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what do you meant by Platform-Independent in Java?

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why Java is not purely object oriented?

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What do you meant by Runtime Polymorphism?

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Difference between abstract class and Interfaces in Java

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How many page directive we can use in a single JSP?

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Can we use methods in JSP? If so where the methods are stored in servlet class file?

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what do you meant by Platform-Independent?

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Why Java is not purely object oriented?

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what do you meant by Runtime Polymorphism?

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Difference between Hash Table and Hash Map?

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What are the OOPS concepts?

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if a number is choosen between 100 and 999 includeing these numberrs what is the provbabilty that the number selected does not contain a 7 is

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What is a semaphore?

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