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Persistent Interview Questions
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What is Applet Flickering ?

1 4290

What is singleton class?

16 55814

what do you meant by Platform-Independent in Java?

6 22567

why Java is not purely object oriented?

9 6916

What do you meant by Runtime Polymorphism?

2 4184

Difference between abstract class and Interfaces in Java

9 13936

How many page directive we can use in a single JSP?

2 11183

Can we use methods in JSP? If so where the methods are stored in servlet class file?

6 22671

what do you meant by Platform-Independent?

6 8866

Why Java is not purely object oriented?

50 47035

what do you meant by Runtime Polymorphism?

13 26371

Difference between Hash Table and Hash Map?

10 15401

What are the OOPS concepts?

106 259610

if a number is choosen between 100 and 999 includeing these numberrs what is the provbabilty that the number selected does not contain a 7 is

23 29420

What is a semaphore?

20 40019

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Un-Answered Questions

what r the checklist while installing a 380 kva DG set


When the two inputs of a multiplier are connected together, the device operates as a A Voltage doubler B Square root circuit C Squaring circuit D Averaging circuit


Write a program to create a process in UNIX


what are the constituents of nutrient solution for hydroponic system?


can i adusted our vat credit in W.C.T. payable?


Can i use the B-curve MCB instead of C-curve MCB


in a every intervew asking one common question why you are living current employer, which is the best answer


what is the diff. between a link n a union? what is a custom view? what is the use of unlocking a report ? plz answer to these


What are the main constrains of SCSI in storage networking?


calculate the quantity of cement ,sand,bars and aggregate used for 28*4 ft with 4 inch (125mm) thick


what value is returned to operating system after program execution?


Why TCP/IP reference model is more popular than OSI model ?


Paul the octopus who has been forecasting the outcome of FIFA world cup matches with tremendous accuracy has now been invited to predict ICC world cup matches in 2011. We will assume that the world cup contenders have been divided into 2 groups of 9 teams each. Each team in a group plays the other teams in the group. The top two teams from each group enter the semi finals ( after which the winner is decided by knockout). However, Paul has a soft spot for India and when India plays any team, Paul always backs India. Alas, his predictions on matches involving India are right only 2 out of 3 times. In order to qualify for the semi finals, it is sufficient for India to win 7 of its group matches. What is the probability that India will win the ICC world cup?


what should we speak about itself ?




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