Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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wen v have polr solvent then which type of column use in hplc

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What is Threshold in hplc?


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Why we use Caffeine in hplc calibration

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what is the meaning of stress study?

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what is the difference between potentiometric assay and hplc assay


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why we are using buffer solutionas as a mobile phase in hplc.

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importance of internal standard and in what conditions it is used?

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how to selecet an exact coloumn for an new molecule development by hplc how to select exact salt as buffer for new molecule development by hplc what is the the process to select the mode of saparation of compoundes by hplc what is the use of ph of buffer what is use of buffer,ph,organic phase,ans methods how the molecules get saparated in coloumn,


how to select short coloum and long coloumn for new molecule

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what is poarimeter, why it is used in pharma,and explain briefly about polarimeter?


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Why KBR is used in IR for preparation of pellete, why it shows zero dipole moment


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what is optical active and non active give examples?


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what is custom fields in waters system?

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my name is santhosh i cmpleted in 2009 then i went to uk in 2010 to pg diploma business management. after i came back to india.. recently again apply to uk for pharmaceutical analysis. they refused my visa you failed to explain y u r change subject. so plz ineed answer for y change the cource

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why kbr is used for pellet preparation in ir spectroscopy, give the reasons? why kbr shows zero dipole moment?

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Why sometime potassium ortho phosphate mix with acetone use for sample preparation for hplc


Please tell me about the pH of Polycaboxylic ether is it in the 5-6 range ever or more than 6


why we are using hexane in calibration of number of drop per mL


How to choose concentration of LOQ solutions for RS analysis? Example.


How to do regeneration of Metacarb Pb plus column?


Why potassium dichromate is used in calibration of uv?


Why to use propyl paraben in HPLC gradient calibration


In Dissolution Test why limit is define Q+5% what is the role of +5%.


why we use a particular hplc column for a particular compound give reasons?please


What is control room temperature and which guide line says?


What is Band broading effect explain


What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


what is the difference between potentiometric titration and karl fischer titration?


is it necessary to do HPLC calibration at wavelength 315nm if we are doing analysis at this wavelangth


What is the main difference between ODS1 and ODS2 Hplc column.