Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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In BP2013, Loperamid HCl monograph. Assay by titration with 0.1N sodium hydroxide using hydrocloric acid 0.01N and reading the volume added between the 2 points of inflexion. I have a question that if the diluent solvent is ethanol is certainly consumed a amount of volume of titrant, so this volume must be eliminated on the result calculation or not apart from first point which is subtracted above.


If i performing one analysis on C8column then the same analysis done on C18 column then what will happen about Rt;Resulution;Peak shape Explain ?

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what is peak purity? how may types of methods to determine peak purity?


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why using Potentometry What Purpose? differance between manual and potentiometry? why using Some of materials in usig potentiometry? What is use of mericuric acetate in Potentiometry


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iam using ph instrument lab india make.3ponit and calibration time 3point slope will come 98.89and 96.87.that limit is 85 to 105.what basis slope will come.any calucalation between them.5point wiicome slope 99.89?why 3p0int came 2 values

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iam usig ph buffers merk. manually how to prepare ?


Sulphated Ash incresed it will effect on product yield?

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in loss on drying Why follows on constant weight not more than 0.5 mg, any region


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difference between selectivity and specificity

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when we talk about change in entropy we consider total entropy means of surround +entropy of system but when we talk about change in Gibss free energy we consider entropy of system.explain with reason.



differnc btw c18 and c-8 column


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use of stry light

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when we have polar type of sample and solvnt hen which type of stationry phase we have to use

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what is motor rotation in case of sucrose

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why equlirium conatant of water have 14 value

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process of Diclofenac sodium,IP.


Why potassium dichromate is used in calibration of uv?


Why dissolution test is not performed in all of the products


sop of a uv visible spectrophotometer double beam elico model


from where i get mortar pastle for glass bottle crush? it's required for testing of it?


How they found 1mL of K.F reagent is equivalent to 5mg of water and if we change the composition of K.F reagent, is it can neutralize more amount of water?


what is the different in Total ash, sulphated ash, acid insoluble ash, alcoholic or non alcoholic ash?


What is the diference between residual solvents and organic volatile matter


Tell me something about Vitamin A test method by HPLC


What is the difference between purge septum flow and column flow in gas chromatography?


What is the formula to determine the concentration of M of a solution given the % transmittance? Use %T = 43.7 as an example.


how can delete the impurity in 1-(2:6 dichloro phenyl)-2-indolenone.and desolving the impurity in which solvent but does not desolve product in solvent.


why octanol used to determine the partition coefficient ?


Which type of column should i use to check the purity of high molecular weight protein using HPLC reverse phase column chromatography? Hi everyone. I wanna to check the purity of high molecular weight protein (collagen) with MW of ~130 kDa using a HPLC. I know C18


Why Ethanol is Used for Standardization of GC Head space?