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Laurus Interview Questions
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what is the difference between M.C and LOD

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In KF Standardisation Why We using Disodium Tartarate?

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Why sulpuric acid only used to ROI but not used nitric acid and some other acids?

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HOw do i calculate the number of theoretical plate on a HPLC chromatography

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On which pharmacopoeia basis we can calibrate instruments like HPLC,GC,UV,DISSO,IR etc...

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Which types of deviations are followed in pharmaceuial API manufacturing industry?

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What is the difference between method validation and method verification

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What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


Why we use Caffeine in hplc calibration

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What is Log p?

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what is turbidimetric titration?Give 2 examples.


What are the tests used in Hplc?Name any two.

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The colour presence in kmno4 is due to.

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what is the difference between isocratic & elution technique?

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key components in hplc?

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