Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is Isotope tracer technique?


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In Karl fischer titrator what medium we can choose to analysing aldehyde and ketone samples by using KF reagent

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Can we do the MC analysis of a sample which is not completely soluble in the medium choosed.

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what is reverse phase chromarography&normal phase chromatography


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what is difference between Performance check and Calibration?

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What is the correct way to digest milk powder to get the corrrect value of Fe and Zinc?

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why glutent are detected in the rice cereal baby food product even manufacturer claimed that they are using rice and milk only?we have using ELISA to do the test,and rice supposed not containing any glutent,rite?We already repeat the test so many times and it still detected.just wondering where the glutent came from?


What is the reason for using the 900ml of dissolution medium


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what are the different methods of analysing related substances test,what are LOD AND LOQ .HOW TO REPORT IMPURITIES WHEN LOD AND LOQ LIMITS R SPECIFIED

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Which type of material analysis in GC using Theramal conditivity detector ?

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suppose i give three compounds A,B,C how do u calculate assay of those three componds which method do u prefer

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why you require QA approval & what is its importance?

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wt is rsd in and explain

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what is the difference of use of LOD test and Karl Fischer titra.?

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What is the difference between Paddle and Basket Why we are using Basket or paddle in dissolution.

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In the isomers,enantiomers give the only physical properties present such that no chemical properties present.


what is the importance of peak purity in HPLC and how we can calculate through manul(not software)?


My question about gas chromatography sulfur chemiluminsecence detector. I test unknown sample gas by GC-SCD (calibrated ) and the result of *H2S is 279 PPM , *but when I test the same sample with the GC-TCD (calibrated ) the value of *H2S is 2500 PPM . I'd like to inform you that both GCs are calibrated and have very good operation conditions with stable parameters . the question is if the sample gas with higher H2S over detection limits of SCD detector (1000 ppm). why the result it 279 ppm Best regards




what is the purge flow & how to calculate


what is impurity profile. how to interpret this impurity profile to a drug product or drug substance.


Why perchloric acid used for potentiometric titration


What is diffrence between extractable volume and deliverable volume? Answer pls


What is the difference between purge septum flow and column flow in gas chromatography?


Why acetonitrile and water are used as extraction solvent when analysis melamine? I thought they are miscible and won't be able to separate...


How to choose concentration of LOQ solutions for RS analysis? Example.


wat is the role of michelson interferometer in FTIR and He-Ne lase.detailed answer required in simple language


function of detecter in hplc ,gc and spectroscopy? function of carrier gas in gc?


What is control room temperature and which guide line says?


Why a1% value is used for some product ? What is the criteria for selection a1% value ?