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WNS Interview Questions
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What are your biggest weaknesses?

30 42582

Tell abtur self and family

7 22761

What is HRO?

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If you mistype a password, how do you clear it out to retype the password again?

11 18528

where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now?

16 72951

Why did you want to change(leave) your current(present) job?

40 149884

why do you left your previous job?

42 63630

what prompted you apply for his job

1 8331

do you demand attention

1 5077

what type of books have you read ?

4 8565

How many employees in US Company?

1 5743

What DLLs needed to ship with control?

1 3333

how do you do spend on a yesterday?

7 20223

As a Team Leader, what is your contribution for your team?

25 93665

somebody can help me to fin all the trasncripts for the versant tests the ones DELL make in the phone pleasi i need help!!!

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