What is the reason for using the 900ml of dissolution medium

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Answer / rahul shimpi

it is not necessary that it should be 900 ml it depend on
ur sink condition means the drug should not saturated in ur
media. in usp 3 apparatus ur not using that much media.

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Answer / amit

Selection of disoslution media depends on the sink
condition which means, three time the highest dose of drug
dissolving in 250 ml of media. So, if your drug diosslves
in 250ml you can select 250ml as mediavolume or depending
on the solubiliy you can go upto 2 lts with proper
Remember the selection of dissolution media volume is only
to get whole amount of drug dissolved and sholud be able to
quantifiy it.

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Answer / swayamprakash patel

I laughed lot after reading all stupid answers...
Any ways...

whole criteria of selecting volume of tablet dissolution is

One have to select dissolution media from normal
physiological pH range. Moreover, volume of dissolution
media must create sink condition.

For creating sink condition, volume of media must be at
least 3 times (or more than 3) the maximum dose/solubility
ratio of drug.

For most of drug 900 ml fulfill this criteria. However there
are some drug which need 1000ml (eg:Fenofibrate). while for
some drugs 500ml is enough.

That is what exactly the reason.

Need further clarification: go to following link


Volume of stomach is more than 900 ml...But this answer is
totally stupid...I mean how many patients drink about a 1
liter water with single tablet?....HA HA HA...

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Answer / prashant rajput

900 mL is the average volume of a full stomach and 500 mL
was the volume of a stomach when fasting. As for a pH of
1.2 that is supposedly the pH of the gastric fluid of an
empty stomach and 6.8 is the average pH of a full stomach.
These conditions were supposedly chosen to try to match
gastric conditions.

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Answer / kiranmadineni

the media volume shold be more than 3 times of the drug
dosage saturation amount. that maybe 500ml,900ml,1000ml.

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Answer / pravin patil

to mentain sink condition

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Answer / ganesh

It is not necessary to take 900ml.It varies from dosage form
n its physicochemical property.However according to some
industrial experts,the volume of media is calculated from
saturation solubility of drug.Genrally it should be twice or
thrice times more than saturation solubility of drug
selected for dissolution media.

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Answer / akash gayakwad

The concentration of drug should be less than 5% of drug dose throughout dissolution so as to maintain sink condition and hence the media should be selected based on that.

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Answer / vamsi

amout of water will be selected based on the solubility of
the drug, and it should be discriminative ,it should
identify the change if there is any formulation change
and should show the change in the release profile.

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Answer / kuldeep

bcz we test according to our body condition......and 900 ml is our stomach minimum capicity

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