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Zydus Cadila Interview Questions
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what is unit operation?

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in what application server the business logic is developed/deployed?

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what technology used at presentation layer for displaying GUI to SAP user ? and where those files were put?

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if my college dont require GMAT,even then also i have to do GMAT for visa purpose.or else can u give me answer what i have to say to visa officer abt it.plz i am in need of answer very quickly

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Why only Water & Sodium Tatrate Is Use For THe Calibration Of Karl Fischer Titrator?

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Why sodium lamp is used as source of Polarimeter?

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what is the difference between deviation & change control? what is trouble shooting?


What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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solubility of drug in penetration enhancers is affected to the transdermal penetration of any drug yes or not? increase penetration with solubility or not?



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why we are using polystyrene film for calibration of I.R spectroscopy?

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from compund pka value how to select buffer and column?

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What is the difference between Paddle and Basket Why we are using Basket or paddle in dissolution.

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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why ph is between 0 to 14

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Alex’s Trial Balance at 31 December 2015 Dr (BWP) Cr (BWP) Capital 18 240 Bank overdraft 3 000 Fixtures and fittings 14 100 Provision for depreciation-fixtures and fittings 8 800 Inventory 14 200 Trade receivables 12 300 Trade payables 9 900 Revenue 110 000 Purchases 51 000 Discount received 1 800 Wages and salaries 26 000 Sundry expenses 34 000 Discount allowed 620 217 540 ======= 86 420 ======== Required: i Prepare the corrected trial balance at 31 December 2015. (7 marks) ii Show any difference you find as a balance on an appropriate account.


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Hello sir, I am Rajaram. I have finished DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). I would like to attend BHEL supervisor examination. So i want which type of questions can i prepare. & give previous supervisor examinations questions. Reply my mail (


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Zydus Cadila Interview Questions
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