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Zydus Cadila Interview Questions
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what is unit operation?

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in what application server the business logic is developed/deployed?

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what technology used at presentation layer for displaying GUI to SAP user ? and where those files were put?

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if my college dont require GMAT,even then also i have to do GMAT for visa purpose.or else can u give me answer what i have to say to visa officer abt it.plz i am in need of answer very quickly

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Why only Water & Sodium Tatrate Is Use For THe Calibration Of Karl Fischer Titrator?

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Why sodium lamp is used as source of Polarimeter?

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what is the difference between deviation & change control? what is trouble shooting?


What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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solubility of drug in penetration enhancers is affected to the transdermal penetration of any drug yes or not? increase penetration with solubility or not?



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why we are using polystyrene film for calibration of I.R spectroscopy?

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from compund pka value how to select buffer and column?

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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why ph is between 0 to 14

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what is the definition of limit of stray light in UV calibration

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Un-Answered Questions

in vcs, which network[private or public] channel bandwidth is high?


state basic meaning of 'INDUSTIAL AUTOMATION'?


Company A from Maharashtra dispatch material directly to company C in Maharashtra & Billed to Company B in Karnataka. Co. A raised billed to Co. B charged local VAT., Co. B raised bill on Co. C tax rate NIL. Can Co. C claimed on VAT amount ?


What is the criteria for selecting the voltage classes of an AC Induction Motor.The KW rating above/below which ht/lt selection is made may be provided in details.


Why Software testing is important?


Hi l, I want to install a water purifier (UV) at my home. the distance of water purifier from water tank [1000 lt ] is 7 ft. Is it sufficient for electrical water purifier? I want to know what is the water pressure from 1000 lt tank (the pipe used from water tank to machine is of inch 1-1/4") please note minimum water pressure is required for UV is - Water Pressure Min: 0.4 kg/sq. cm.Max: 2.0 kg/sq. cm. Please advise me on the following: 1) What is the water pressure generate in above condition. 2) What is the required height from the UV machine to water tank for the above condition? Thanks is advance.


while am calibrating Drager polytron 2IR flame gas detector occured non zero can i get zero status?


I have try to write a record in a TDQ from a fle.... what are the steps to do... can anybody plz come with a solution


how to Concrete cubes testing curing time 7 days casting date 24.05.17 testing date ?


can you give me example of igbt drive circuit... i still not under stand how it can be design with certain equation using mathlab program...


how to get accurate result for Residue on evaporation in purified water


Suppose pgm A calling Pgm B .Pgm B has some Db2 program. at the time of compilation should plan and package will be created for both A and B or only B? What is the concept?


We select 10mm nominal thickness for Elip head of a pressure vesel. The minimum thickness after forming is 8.2mm. (Shell thickness is 8mm. The minimum thickness after forming is satisfied or not with UG-79 (d)(3) in ASME SECTION VIII, Div.1?


Which condition is used to influence a variable directly by all the others? a) Partially connected b) Fully connected c) Local connected d) None of the mentioned


hello friends... i got 3 tym rejection in my us student visa interview. every tym vo ask me same questions lyk y ths uni, y ths course n abt my sponsor etc. pls gv me suggestion for th que, y ths uni? as my undergraduate major is pharmacy n i got i 20 frm university of bridgeport for ms in biomedical eng.


Zydus Cadila Interview Questions
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