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GSK Interview Questions
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What is C&F agency?

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how to face veritas NetBAckup interview, where did i find all materials regrding veritas and give details on veritas certification

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How do you plan to achieve these goals


Is it possible to match PO from Order Management in AP, if so how ? How does the P.O matching process works in AP?

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how should i handle the distributors in fmcg

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what is the defination of accuracy & presicion?

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how u increase sales in fmcg,or manager is ask u to increase sales in fmcg, how u can?

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IF we have three 30KW motor, these motors are connected in DOL, star-delta and VFD respectively, what will be the fuse rating for the above three?

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how to check the insulation for motor using megger?

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What is the difference between Paddle and Basket Why we are using Basket or paddle in dissolution.

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why u want to join as a m.r?


which stats created by proc means that are not created by proc summary or vice versa?

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How to get any kind of data in SAS? Is it possible to take data from notepad in SAS?

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what is the difference between DOL starter&star-delta starter& automatic star-delta starter

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i have a dataset with var1,var2,var3; i want to upload the titles for the variables . How can we?

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Un-Answered Questions

Name and explain the three location modes?


What is the mix propotion of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30,M40,M50.M60 cement content,aggrigate,sand and water ratio.


What is the engine rating required for 1000 KVA Generator set. Calculations?


what is the difference between cash book(cash coloumn) and cash book(bank coloumn)?


What are the different types of MRP runs(i.e. Regenerative, Net Change etc)


I have one flat file,in this file how many columns are there i don't know,but one ename column is there , just i want to cut the surname, so how to cut the surname, any one know the answer please guide me ? ename ----- tapan kumar nayak bala murugan kutal chkrobarthy biswo My output is like that OUTPUT ------ nayak murugan chakrobarthy biswo


How will you move hashed file from one location to another location?


What are the govt approvals required for starting of power project. means from initial site grading and excavation work.exm. blasting in hard rock, deep excavation, cut off trees from site.


What is the maximum and minimum rating of UPS?


can any one know about NIC (National Informatics Centre) questions Patterns and full detail about written exam, and interview send to Thank you




In South Africa , the current rate for value added tax is ?


how a choke of tubelight can be used to increse reciving power of antina?


Does Flume provide 100% reliability to the data flow?


describe a time when you are responsible for organizing different types of personal to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. What did you do?


GSK Interview Questions
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