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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What is trim material . Why it is known as trim.


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I saw one P&ID 6" control valve has been connected with 8" process line, and 2" valve also connected in parallel with 6" valve. why the 2" valve connected in parallel, Is there any technical reason. please clarify. With Regards-Kittu


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i am going to attend ongc exam this coming june for Graduate Engineer Trainee post if anybody knows the question pattern or have experience plz share it with me


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how many types of thermocouple cable are? give the name of each type.


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what should be minimum length and size of impulse line for steam flow orifice and feed water orifice? asked by sanjay parihar


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why we use 4-20 mA for calibration of the instruments.why we cant use 0-20 mA?

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principle of automatic votage regulator



how to test rotor &stator earth fault in turbine


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what happens if we are having very very high cavity and flashing in a control valve..??? is it stops working...immediately... or eroded...slowly

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what is the difference between(Flame proof/Explosion proof)& Fire proof instruments.Both are same or different & if different in which way because the transmitter which have approved ATEX flame proof enclouser but it use PTPE O ring & PTFE Head Gasket,so its (fire safe/fire proof)????????

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what is the standard of determining opening/closing time of Motor Operated Valve?

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what is a mapping in plc & dcs

Arctern, ARM Cement,

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can anyone can let me know in Eurotron Micro cal 2+ calibrator in milli amps source mode we are not able to get 20 milli amps output it only produces 1.52 milli amps out, but display shows increase in milli amps , and err6 displays, let me know how to remove the err 6.


What is a PID controller and how can it to applied to our everyday life?

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If mVolts can drop by resistance of wire as compare to mA, then how thermocouple mV reaches in CCR as accurate value?

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Difference between 2-Valve Manifolds, 3-Valve Manifolds and 5-Valve Manifolds 3 with diagram


hi sir yhis is zahid ali i am preparing for the jspl at oct.4.please send me the recently updated sample paper.


what is Best Among SINK Or SOURCE Type Design In Digital Signal, Either Iput Or Output? WHY?Can any one..


For crude application in floating roof tank, how to calibrate a DP Transmitter? How is the floating roof weight considered?


what is maxdna ?. explain about the software details.


why we are using digital signals for I/O & how to measure this signals is getting or not ?


can any send me a forbes marshall dtron 316 manual


give some question relative instrument fitter?


What is difference of fanuc alpha series 16i and 18i controller.also what is differnce betn TC and MC controller


Draw bode plot of any transfer function. Why is plotting bode necessary?


Can anyone send most commonley asked Instrumentation questions and answers in cement industry please?


what are the definitions of input, output, command & signal according to instruments controlled by PLC using DCS System?


ORP sensor working principle?


i have done DAE in Instrumentation and Process Control. i have applied for an apprentice training in chemical company after three day my interview will be conduct but i need more information about industrial process control and controller. my e mail is please tell me interview question relative to instrumentation ?


Which tank weighing system is better to install (Accuracy point of view) 1) Tank weighing system with 3 load cell or 2) Tank weighing system with 4 Load cell