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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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WE Know that different supply voltage of solenoid valve like 24,110,220 we check the solenoid supply is 24v or 220 NOTE: No specification at device.


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In RS 500 SLC 5/03 input change one module card to another card, plz. give steps clearly.



What is capacity of impulse line tube ...answer in psi


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Any one can help me to identified, how can we interchange the device in FF

Ion Exchange,


What is the procedure of DP switch calibration 


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What is Cavitation?

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What is Trim?

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What is scan time of PLC?

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What are the logic behind 2x2 and 2x3 logic and more when ask in interviews


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which transister (npn or pnp) is used in vibration monitoring for negative voltage? 

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What is the difference between bench set and operating range i control valve?


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why use to 250 ohm for hart protocol and why hart communicator not communicate without 250 ohm 


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how to calibrate TT transmitter

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What is rtd output signal


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How can test or measure the probe and extension cable to identify if the problem at the probe or cable or at the driver it self? (pleast notify the measuring method)


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what are the diff. in servo and regulatory control?


when the instrument tapping on pipe line is located below and transmitter is located above the tapping point for liquid service transmitter, what should we do, is there any additional drain valve is required??


how pressure transmitter work, what is its principal to measure and how its generate signal. for pressure transmitterinstallation which precautions must be taken ??


can any send me a forbes marshall dtron 316 manual


Why does a pressure gauge installed on reactor, doesn't have any vent line below to release the pressure? Is it any kind of designing mistake or it actually does not require any vent line? And if it does not require any vent line below it then how we are gonna release the pressure built inside the pressure gauge?


1. what is modbus cable? 2. what kind of communication we are using for the interface of DCS, ESD and Third party cabinets? 3. What is serial communication and peer to peer communication?


What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?


How the sizing of the analog signal cable is calculate?


If fire would be inside the plant which fire detector is to detected the fire.


Please send me the sample question of Instrumentation of hpcl/iocl exam. my mail id


2. What is ultrasonic flowmeter?


what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination


What is the working principle of the magnetic meter?


What is Predictive Maintenance


What are the materials available to prepare individually for competetive exams in Instrumentation field? Plz reply...