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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How I identify to solonied coil which is 24v or 230v In our lab.because there is no tag.

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Can 2 transmitters be connected to Integral orifice meter taps? Does an integral orifice comes with 2 set of taps?

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What is the compensation of thermocouple


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Close loop and open loop diagram for instrumentation

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how to convert digital signal to analog signal in plc


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Tyes of interface level measurement and how to use that technique for interface level measurement,


why pressure 3-15psi is used as industrial standard and what is the reason

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what is the difference in Kg/cm2 and mmwc?


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How we are blocking 40 kg or more pressure through only 6 kg instrument air in control valve 

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What is the formula of vabration sesore. i mean how to covert mils to volt plz share if any body knows   very argent : my mai is



How to calibrate radar lt type transmitter


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What is the live zero and dead zero


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Why rtd  out put is ohm how create the ohm 


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What is the difference between ff transmitter and non ff transmitter



What is the diffrence between ff tx and non ff tx

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Explain why use mmwc unit?


What is the advantage of using locally fabricated hook ups over Pre fabricated hook ups in process instrumentation?


find the kp ki kd from the transper function G(S)=29.44s+04707/1.5349s2+s


1.what is controller proportional gain 2.what is the controller intergral action time. 3.A proportional plus derivative controller that has a proportional band of 20% and a derivative action time of 0.1 minutes. Construct the shape of the output waveform for the triangular input if the input rises and falls at the rate of 4 units per minute.


What are de-saturators?


how to relay switch sense the fault?


What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?


There are two chlorination tonners both are connected to two pressure swithes and the pressure switch is connected to SOV which operates the valve to changeover the tonner selection i.e if pressure one tonner goes low the other tonner should come in line if it is inautomatic selection design a circuit using relays ?


how to measure oxygen which methods are using?


installation process of orifice,a question asked for confusion creation in interview by BARC 1.if orifice is tightly fitted with pipe ,it will act like venturi 2.if orifice is left hanging in between liquid it will not create the pressure difference exactly,


Explain signal isolator


What is difference of fanuc alpha series 16i and 18i controller.also what is differnce betn TC and MC controller


A PLC is programmed to drive three motors A, B and C as follows : After running motor A for an hour, motor B should get ON and motor A should get OFF. And after running motor B for an hour, motor C should get ON and motor B should get OFF. And after running motor C for an hour, motor A should get ON and motor C should get OFF. (That is, a cyclic repetition with time period one hour) Now, the second condition is: If any motor gone faulty and is tripped, the consecutive motor should get ON and the faulty (tripped) motor should be eliminated from cyclic repetition. The remaining two motors should bear the cyclic repetition of one hour each. (For healthy motor take logic as high and for tripped motor take logic as low) Now, the third condition is: When motor A load(Amps) exceeds 60% of its rated load, motor B should get ON in parallel to motor A. And when both motors A & B are running in parallel, and if their load exceeds 60% of their rated load, motor C should also start in parallel to A & B. [Here the cyclic repetition is eliminated, until their loads become normal(40%)] [Take logic high(1) for load at 60% and logic low(0) for load at 40%] Now draw a flow chart or a ladder diagram to fulfill the above condition.


hello can yoy pls send me previous papers of jindalpower and steel ltd.....'m from instrumentation.....


what deference between panel earth and systemearth