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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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yogokowa field bus system transmitter all's we are geting IOP fault in Contiunes please help me fine how we can normal the broblems?


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If the vibration probe near to the shaft,then output voltage will be decreased r increased?How?

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Specify ideal accuracy of flow element like orifice plate, Ventury, Annubar. Ultrasonic flow meter etc.


What is the basic difference between 2 Wire, 3 Wire and 4 Wire RTD

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What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?

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What is the procedure of changing a Faulty Module of Allen Bradley PlC without stopping the Process


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What are the materials use for COntrol Valve body?

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What information needs for Control Valve "sizing"

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If I want to buy a pressure switch & 3-way valve for hot water application then witch parameter I should consider.

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what are level of automation & how these are distinguished ?

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When we will do simulation for I/P?IF WE DO SIMULATION through which way either series or parallel?


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how can I install "operating system " in may HART communicator? It is damaged, and it doesn't boot up.


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Can be operate control valve without positioning if yes ? how and why?


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what is the T/C & RTD mesuremaint?

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Level in tank under vacuum (Ex: Condensate Tank of Power Plant)is measured using D. P. type level transmitter. Tank is subjected to vacuum of 755mmHg. Is it possible to fill wet leg ( i.e. leg connected to top of vessel with low point of D. P. xmtr) with water?. Are there chances of water getting sucked under vacuum? if yes, what is the solution?

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which processor is used in dcs.


How d.p. Transmitter can be applied to close tank?


What is force balance principle?


What is first echo & echo window in radar type level transmitter?


plz you help about Que paper of mahagenco previous your,any model paper relad to it{maharastra power genration}


what is metal of piston ring


Specify for Cables - Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant?


what is your eligibility criteria for freashers?


need to calculate flow rate with the help of dp range and orifice bore dia and size. range is 0 to 400 inwc and orifice size is 12 inch 150 # rf and bore dia is 7.180 inch. need to calculation for flow rate


what is the PC interface and software for connection to ABB logic module “ LM011-CE18RAC “ ( for Programming ) ??


how do we commission inergen system?


what diffrence b/w plc s7200,300,400


what is the procedure for auto tune in masoneialn 12300 series displacer type transmitter?


Turbidity analyzer working principle ?


How to Calibrate Interface Level Troll in field