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TVS Interview Questions
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why java is called as a purely oops language.

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At what time immediately prior to Six O'clock the hands of the clock are exactly opposite to each other. Give the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds.

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what is the difference between earth and neutral?

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What is the most complicated/valuable program you written in C/C++?

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When do you get a .PLL extension ?

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Diffusion of light in the atmosphere takes place due to (a) Carbon dioxide (b) Dust particles (c) Helium (d) Water vapours

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Would you like to work in a team or alone, why?

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?Unicorn? motorbike model has been launched by which company? 1 Hero 2 TVS 3 Honda 4 Yamaha

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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Synchrounous motor is three phase motor,but its not self starting .why?

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please inform about the date of exam of hpcl for fresh engineers recruitment in mechanical stream?


i want sample question paper for SECTION ENGINEER IN RRB.


sir, i am having a asst loco pilot exam in rrb on 20.04.08 can u send the model question paper for that?

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thermal engineering,strength of materials,design of machine element,

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What is difference between Gross salay and CTC?

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Un-Answered Questions

what is the importance of signals and systems ?


which type of test carrying on the cement & why


Distinguish between Profit and Loss Account and trading a/c


How can you plan the logshipping before processing?


what is error and fault in terms of software quality?


Hi Friends my Question is very simple,in Manual testing when we click on a hyper link it directs us to the relavent page or it re-directs us to the current page,so there we can easily write testcase but same thing if we do in automation script using QTP & need to generate report using event how we will do it?thanks in advance...


what is windows backup and type of windows backup


How can you add the arbitrary key-value pairs in your mapper?


Walking man eating tree', what is its scientific name?


What is inrush current? how can calculateit? what is the affect of it?


How to sendKeys in QTP? Diff b/w sendkeys and device replay? Diff b/w function and Sub? Diff b/w Array and List Different Types of running Keys other than Fast, slow,Normal mode Regular expression for Difference between \w and \W How to generate script button Recording Types Different Types of Actions? Using DP performance degrades, If Yes why? How to close all the opened browsers? Diff b/w SystemUtil.Run and invoke application? If qtp not recognized the combo box How to select values from drop down?


How do u check FONTS in Login Window?


Which versions of Merge are Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant?


how to introdu5ce my self in serco


What type of questions are asked in interview?


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