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TVS Interview Questions
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why java is called as a purely oops language.

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At what time immediately prior to Six O'clock the hands of the clock are exactly opposite to each other. Give the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds.

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what is the difference between earth and neutral?

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What is the most complicated/valuable program you written in C/C++?

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When do you get a .PLL extension ?

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Diffusion of light in the atmosphere takes place due to (a) Carbon dioxide (b) Dust particles (c) Helium (d) Water vapours

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Would you like to work in a team or alone, why?

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?Unicorn? motorbike model has been launched by which company? 1 Hero 2 TVS 3 Honda 4 Yamaha

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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Synchrounous motor is three phase motor,but its not self starting .why?

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please inform about the date of exam of hpcl for fresh engineers recruitment in mechanical stream?


i want sample question paper for SECTION ENGINEER IN RRB.


sir, i am having a asst loco pilot exam in rrb on 20.04.08 can u send the model question paper for that?

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thermal engineering,strength of materials,design of machine element,

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What is difference between Gross salay and CTC?

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