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Satyam SAS Interview Questions
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how do you read binary data in sas?

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what is pdv? how it is related to input buffer in sas?

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What is difference between rename and lable in sas?

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what are system option ? give few examples ? what are dataset options and dataset statements ? if there is a keep option and keep statement ? which one is executed first ? Difference between a WHERE statement and IF statement ? what is the advantage of using WHERE statement option on the dataset ?

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WHAT IS SAS WEB SERVICE and what are the steps to create an xml service ?


what is the usage for assigning error=1 in a dataset ?

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% let A=3+4 what is result

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how to delete the duplicate columns permanently in SQL

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how can get the first and last observations in a dataset using Proc SQl?

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Satyam SAS Interview Questions

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