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Satyam Puzzles Interview Questions
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give me an some aptitude question asked on interviews

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In a college, the science department has three disciplines. In total, 280 students study chemistry, 254 students study physics and 280 students study biology. 97 students study both chemistry and physics, 138 students study both physics and biology, 152 students study both chemistry and biology. 73 students study all three disciplines. Can you determine how many students there are in the science department?

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A boy asked a girl her name she replied your name is behind your scooty Behind the scooty is written 7.3 3.3 9.3 2.3 What is her name

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|3\3 9/9| ! 3["9"" ["39"" | \9/ | ¡ "9""]3 ""9"] YOU "" "" understand this Mssg!! Send

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Certain words are coded as follows : BEAR-9281, DRUM-0683,PRY- 485 AND DOOR-7899.What is the code for ‘R’?

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In how many ways can we put numbers 1 to 9 without repeating in a 3*3 matrix,so that the sum of all elements in any row and column and diagonal is 15??

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Satyam Puzzles Interview Questions

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