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Satyam PHP Interview Questions
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How to get seconds from current date using date function ?

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can anyone explain oops concept in php or give website to learn this concept clearly?

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how we can crop an image and how we can display it..

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what is php stands for?

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code to see the priview of the image which is being uploaded (after browising the image... just click priview ... how it will be visible...before uploading)


•How to access crystal reports through PHP code?

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at present am learning lamp course sir ..i want to know the carrer prospectus in php there any companies recruiting freshers in chennai ..for freshers how much can i demand as a fresher in php ....?i finished my mca ..please sugggest me to face interview in php asking salary details and all please suggest me how much can i ask as a fresher in php ? and also tel is there any openings in chennai for recruting php freshers send their emails and company info please ? please send ur valuable suggestions to i hope u wil reply to my question thank u guys bye take care see u soon all the best to everyone

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Satyam PHP Interview Questions

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