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Satyam SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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hi all When I try to assign plant to company code,it shows an error: Valuation area missing in T001W SAVE AGAIN. I tried all the possible ways. .. how to solve this error

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I have situaition where, the items are prices on the bases of weight (KG). Now we are to run a offer where 20% extra is given free within the same pack (1KG + 202G free). It means new material with its own specification. The client want to maintain the same price for the 1.2 kg pack. It is not ready to reduce the price on quantity basis. How can be make a functionality where, the system will calculate the price for 1 kg only while the material net weight is 1.2 kg.

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Satyam SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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