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Satyam CCNA Interview Questions
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Which command displays access list 111? A. show access-list 111 B. show ip access-list 111 C. display ip access-list 111 D. display access-list 111 details

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A company running RIP V1 protocol on their 2 seperate networks, each nw has 14 routers, if the two nw wants to be merged with each other total no of routers will be 28. but rip metric is hop count(15). What needs to be done if this setup needs to be work ?

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An user from the LAN is able to ping the default gateway of the router and other sites in the internet. but not able to ping only the google site, no acc list configured and no firewall and no problem with DNS atall. What may be the problem with router?

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what is stub router

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Satyam CCNA Interview Questions

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