what is web server?

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what is web server? ..

Answer / parifs

Web Servers are computers on the internet
that host websites, serving web pages to the viewers upon

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what is web server? ..

Answer / ranjan gupta

web server is a software which is responsable to execute
server side script such as asp,php and etc and send a html
page to client.
so finally we can say that web server is use for execute
script(server side) and response send to client

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what is web server? ..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

A web server is a software which just receives HTTP
requests from clients(browsers) and processes the request
and sends back the HTTP response to the client.
Once it receives the request it can send that request to
any of the CGI scripts/JSP/ASP, and once the response is
received from this script, it just again sends the response
to the client.

Whereas in application server provides business logic to
the client. It is like we are calling functions/methods.
Here each of these business logic is provided as a service.
Here also, the application server receives the request from
the script, and sends that request to the specific service
with proper parameters. The output from the service will
again sent back to the client.

WebServer is a subset of Application Server.

For more information, go through the below link:

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