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Satyam English Interview Questions
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Hi, The Following synonyms asked at TCS test.. 1. To merry = 2.To Alienate = 3.To Solicit = 4.To Heep = 5.Cargo = 6.Momentary = 7.Volume = 8.To Veer = 9.To Admonish= 10. To Meager = 11. To lattitude= 12. Latent = 13. To Covet = 14. To Discretion = 15. Potential = 16. To Emancipate= 17. To Wethargy= 18. To Concur = 19. To Confiscate = 20. To Dispel = 21. Baffle = 22. Subsidise = 23. Misery = 24. Pretentrous = 25. Tranquil = 26.Ellace= 28.Rinaile= 29.Obstinate= 30.Hover = 31.Caprice= 33.Belate = 34.Brim = 35.Divulge= 36.Lamont= 37.Bileaf= 38. Embrace = 39.Adhesive = 40. Miserable = pls. Post the answers for the above not in total..what ever u knows..thanks in advance..

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tell mee sume thing about ur self

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i don't know what exuactly meaning of communication skills

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. A man is having some money deposited in bank. In the 1st yr he gets 8% interest, 2nd yr -11 %, 3rd yr- 13%.If he gets Rs 12,400 at the end of three yr. How much he deposited.

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Please send previous kvb clerical exam model question papers

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Please send all the previous year question on SBI clerical post.My e-mail ID is


how to introduce ourself ?

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Post New Satyam English Interview Questions

Satyam English Interview Questions

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