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Satyam SAP Security Interview Questions
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what is the procedure for deleting a role?

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How can we update the unique E-mail IDs for 1000 users at a time?

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What do you mean by User Buffer? How it works with the user's Authorizations?

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What is the T.Code SQVI? What is the main usage of this SQVI?

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How can we maintain Organizational values? How can we create Organizational values? What is the purpose of these Org. values?

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What is the correct procedure for Mass Generation of Roles?

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How to assign sap_all to end user if i have approval?remember i do not have GRC.

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how can u assign firefighter ids from one firefighter admin to another firefighter admin if current admin leaves from organization without told to any body?

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use of T-code SE63

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Satyam SAP Security Interview Questions

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