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Satyam Solaris General Interview Questions
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Benefits of SMF compared LRC(legacy run control)?


Diffrence between Paging & swap?

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Explain crashdumps & core files?

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Explain custom jumpstart procedure?


Hardware and software revision information ? showrev

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How do you connect to remote machines? I said using secure crt using ssh.

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How do you delete tmp files if file system is full becoz of /tmp dir ?

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How do you update OBP firmware?

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How to add gateway in solaris ?

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How to add route (gateway) to n/w interface?

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How to bring New LUN under veritas , create f/s on it ?

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How to change the default values ( home dir, shell, role, min, max, expire) get by user ?

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How to check OBP version?

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How to check nfs version configured?

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How to check version VXVM? Pkginfo –l | grep VRTS

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Satyam Solaris General Interview Questions

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