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Satyam Test Cases Interview Questions
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what will be the test case for Lift?

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write case for petrol pump?

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how we canwrite a test case on computer?

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difference between scenario and testcases?

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write a test cases for advanced search

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how do you write the test cases?

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what are the inputs required for writing test cases

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when you don't have time to write test cases, what do you do?

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Create Test Cases based on Software Testing Principles Write the Test Cases to validate Command Line utility - ‘MAX’. The utility displays the maximum of the 2 specified Integers. Please note down any assumptions that you make. e.g. MAX 2 3

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Is there any formula to find the number of test cases needed

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how to test ip address?

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While creating test data for testing an application, where exactly test data should be crated as in excel file or can we crate test data in database ?

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write the test case

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Who will decide what the test cases you have written are correct?

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Satyam Test Cases Interview Questions

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