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Satyam Load Runner Interview Questions
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what is the difference bet ween loadrunner 6.0 and loadrunner 7.5?


what are the general problems faced in VB Vuser Protocol?


If you had 6 hours of load testing to complete but the business unit wanted it turned over in 3 hours what would you tell them?

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Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


HI, I have to do Load Test on web application which is having 2 logins. i.e the first login will take to the some links the first one should be one time login due to the limitations. once login need to select one of the link which will take to the main application. i have generated the script using Vuser_Init for first login when i am executing the scripts i am getting error , even i did correlation and did script in HTTP and web Click in either ways my script is not working can you please help me to get this.

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What are Main Differences Between Loadrunner 8.1 and Loadrunner 9.0

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what is monitoring in load runner ?

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Satyam Load Runner Interview Questions

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