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Satyam SQL Server Interview Questions
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what is web server?

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Difference between Cluster and Non-cluster index?

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What is the difference between NOROW and LOCKROW?


how to implement locking in sql server

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What is Deadlock?

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I have a huge amount of data which is displayed in a report. The data is viewed every day. Every day the data is displayed in 30 secs but suddenly today it is giving an timeout message today. Data has not been changed. The situation is same as yesterday. What might be the reason??? Please Answer.

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When do you create cluster and noncluster index?

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hi i gone though satyam interview. what is Acid Properties?

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what are batch in sql server?

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Difference Between varchar and nvarchar datatype?

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Difference between sql server 2000 and sql server 2005?

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what is normalization? what is denormalization?

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what is extended StoreProcedure ?

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Different Types of Functions ?

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CLR Integration ? what is Notification services ?

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Satyam SQL Server Interview Questions

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