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Satyam WinRunner Interview Questions
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Where are the expected results file will be stored? what is the extension of that?

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What is the Extension File name of WinRunner?

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tell me the detailed exaplanation of different types of tesiting

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How to check the Back Ground Color of screen in Winrunner?

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hi everyone today is the first time i saw this website,and hi iam siraj,iam very impressed by seeing evryones response towards questions,iam a newcomer and i have got tryining in testing can anyone please send me some projects relaited to testing.i know it is very confidential but still if u send it will a great help. my mail id

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How can integration testing be done through winrunner??

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What is the difference between STATIC FUNCTION & STATIC?

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how do you know which software with version(ex.msoffice)available in our system,using tsl functions

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what is test bed

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In the flight example flight(select flights) button is recognizing ,it recognizes as object how to gui map configure to button pls explain

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how to invoke the window based application in win runner

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How to write a testcase and bugreport?plz expln with an example.

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Satyam WinRunner Interview Questions

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