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Satyam Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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How can u call a standard interface program from sql or pl/sql code?

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what is the purpose of standard cost update?

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I Have report which is having field at the end of page,,, problem is when i run report data is overflowing to the next page,,i want the data to come on same page can anybody help me out????

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Write an SQL Query to Delete Duplicate records from a table using ROWID.

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What is the result of this query ? SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE ROWNUM = 1

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What is the most critical part which you had faced in your project ?

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Name the different Cursor Attributes.

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Assume i have three Procedures defined in a Package Spec. I have created the Package Specification. now i create the Package Body by including the three procedures in addition to that i include a fourth procedure which is not included in my Package Spec. I compile the Package Body. Will the Package body Compile ? What will the end result ? what will happen if the execute the package by calling the 4th procedure ?

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Is it possible calling from one report to another? if possible means tell me ?

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Can u define DFF with in the DFF,How?

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Can u attach Request set with in the Request set?

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Plz anybody send me Technical specification for AP Interface


what is meant by bind parameter?

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do i need to declare bind parameter before using in the query?

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what are the steps to develop a new report?

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Satyam Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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