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Satyam SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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i recently faced a question in satyam that what are the documents that we maintain in support project please help me in this regard

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in recent interview they asked me, what is ur batch process please help me

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tell me the business processes you map ? and its configuration

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tell me @ account key and accruals ?

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what is your role in blueprint ?

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what is sales area ?

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Tell me the STO Process ?

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tell me @ the credit management and risk management ?

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how to do partical delivery?

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1.I would like to know pricing SD Tickets? 2. Can we do pricing with out doing condition techinique?

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In Pricing Suppose we went to VK11 and in PR00 condition type if we gave value as Rs 100 /- then we have raised an sales order. Again we have gone to VK12 t-code and changed tyhe amount to Rs 120/- and changed the validity period as current date then in delivery & Billing documents which price the system takes into account i.e Rs100 or Rs120? Give a detailed explanation & logic to substantiate your answer. I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Thanks& Regards

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In a Third Party Order Process how does the business knows whether the goods have been delivered to the customer or not? Plz provide logical answer to this question

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What are the settings to configure for an SD consultant to PGI document....and how is that relevant to generate accounting documents?

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How many types of availability checks available in sap?

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Hi Experts, Have you worked on any Interfaces like BADI‘s & BAPI’s? I do not want any theoretical answers? Just give me the Business Scenarios which are related to BADI’s & BAPI’s and how did you worked with ABAPer along with detailed procedure & analysis? I do not want any coding / programming part if any I am only interested in SAP SD Interface with BADI & BAPI and how did you meet the requirement of client by the ABAPer? If any coding is involved then explain in simple steps if it is simple only? I have been asked this question in a recent interview? Explain BADI‘s & BAPI’s with your real time Project examples & Business Scenarios along with the ABAP coding & the simple solution he gave you for your requirement? It’s Urgent!!!!!!This is most frequently asked question in almost in all interviews. So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards

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Satyam SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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