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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to identify Motor leads in their order coming out from winding without tag (U1, V1, W1 & U2, V2, W2)?

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I have a transformer whose primary operates at 230V, 50Hz for which the secondary voltage will be 12V, 50Hz. What will be the secondary voltage if the primary is fed with 400V, 8KHZ Signal?

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Why TAP changer provided in primary side of HT transformer ? and why not in secondary?

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What is system earthing?what are the types?

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Why P.F(power factor)relay should not be connected to the D.G(diesel generator) incomer side

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How can we calculate the KVA rating of a Distribution transformer from its core details?


What is the min.& max distance between two earth spikes is required for measuring earth resistance of an earth pit? Is the manufacturer of Earth tester decides this? Pls explain.

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What happens if the capacitive reactance of a transmission line is very high?

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what is the purpose of battery tap voltage.

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Why we Specify Transformer rating 433 V Instead of 415V ?

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what is the diff. between x'mer , isolation x'mer & ultra-isolation x'mer ?????????????


what is the procedure for three phase motor differential relay testing can it do with single phase test kit?

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What is power factor ?What are the benefits of improved power factor & how. Please explain with examples.?

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What is Grounding? any difference b\w earthing? if yes plz explan??

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why generally transformer are in star to delta or delta to star used?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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