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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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In synchronization circuit what is the function of Interposing voltage transformer(IVT)and Reverse voltage transformer(RVT)


What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers??

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define bilateral network and unilateral network? give an example.

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what is Different between Bilinear and Unilenier?


what main difference betwenn invetter & ups & major difference

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what is acceptance test in electrical engineering.


what is magnetizing current test in power transformer


What are the differences between single phase and three phase?


why elcb used in circuit

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How can we select a capacitor Bank.? i need a standard formula for that.?

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what do u mean by PS-0.2-5P class of Ct

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what is the current limit of lighting arrester ?

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how many load we can take for lighting


1.what is the reason for transformer and lightning arrester blast in 33kv system


what is the diffrent between ups and inverter

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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