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ABB Taxation Interview Questions
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I want to know the liability of tax agaisnt 'C' Form if i am not able to produce the form in front of authority.

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This is related to stock transfer to branches ( Delhi & Bangalore ) for which my branches are not able to produce form 'F' agaisnt such branch transfer, than what is my tax liablity. This issue is pertaining to 2006-07, 2007-08 & 2008-09.

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I have some queries about Service Tax, I am working in a Insurance Broking Company. 1) We have raised one bill on 25.04.09 for the services provided by us in the month Mar, 09 Now We received the chq on May, 09 followed in the Month of June,09. When the service tax is actually payable in the month of received of Service tax amount or in the month of services actually provided by us (Mar09) 2) Can we take 100% credit of Service Tax Input paid to those who provided services to us. Suppose Service Tax payable is Rs. 100/- and Service tax charged by the other firms/company Rs. 80/-. The question is That can we deduct Rs. 80/- (already paid). Now Net ST payable would be Rs. 20/- or other percent of service tax input is available 3) What is the rate of interest for Service tax if not paid on time. Pls help me out asap


if mr.X get 2,00,000.00 per month salary. than how we will calculate his tds.

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What is the Penalty/Interest charges if non-payment before due date for IT,TDS,ADVANCE TAX,VAT,ST,EXCISE DUTY,PT,ST.PF,ESI?very urgent.

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under form 38,(1 no) what is the maximum no. of invoices can be done??? under rule-54(3)(a) of UPVAT RULES 2008

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ABB Taxation Interview Questions

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