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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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where AVR is connected in power plant.

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what are the parameters plays a major role in Potential transformer Burden calculation??


What is the meaning of high reputuring in HRC fuse.?

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where rlc series ckt used?


Why transformer ratings in KVA not in KW?

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what is the difference between arc and spark

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What is the differentional relay...what is the work of this in power Tx. how it is works..


what is the safety of ACB & VCB and how can this work and how can the service the ACB & VCB parts name with picture

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what is ten delta ?

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how to calculate the step resistance for slipring induction motor,how you deside the no of step for that?


what mean by analog ,digital,numerical meters and relays? say the example?


Hello friends., my question is related to testing of current transformer... A Ct having knee point voltage of 750 volts., and I have two step up transformer's of rating 230 v to 440 volts., can I obtain the value of 750 volts by using the two transformer's.... If yes then how could I connect the transformer's to obtain knee point voltage?? thank you in advance

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I have 90KW Motor 60 Hz,380V Pf 0,88. after testing the Motor without Load is the no load Current 36 A,but wenn i put load after 2 hours the current increase more than 156 A. Can anybode tell me waht is the Problem?

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Hello friends, Can anyone explain the concept of zones in Bus bar protection and how can we differentiate the main zone and check zone in Bus bar protection

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Difference between earthing & grounding.?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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