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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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What meant by lagging and leading? When if they are occurred what preventive methods should be taken?

14 40161

what is cogging and crawling

20 67315

What is the meaning of TRI Vector meter?

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What is the difference between voltage transformer and potential transformer?

38 69253

Explain the working principle of servomotor

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why we step down voltage level from 33kv to 11kv and 11kv to 415v.Instead we can step down voltage from 33kv to 415v directly using single transformer.

12 52903

how to select a circuit breaker?

24 45333

What are the difference between C-Curve and D-Curve for MCB's.

17 170048

why voltage drop will occurs in 3 phase line?

12 15457

what is full form of lv and mv? 2.while we connect capacitor to generator what will cause for it?

4 23940

hw to find transformer is in normal position? whether its in charged condition or not? except humming sound?

9 8048

what is corona effect?

39 70277

If the supply voltage is same (say 440V) whether a system designed for 60 Hz frequency will work with 50 Hz frequency or not , if so pl. give clarification.

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what is transformer

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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