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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the function of a Master trip relay? why is it used ?

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what are different type of triping equipmen like MCB,MCCB and their differences

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Who we calculate the generator NGR resistant, generator voltage 11 KV ?

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is earthing is necessary if we use armoured cable

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How can calculate thermal overload in relay?

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ful form of gis

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Explain Creepage Distance of Insulator


How to calibrate or test an LT Air Circuit breaker 440 volts, 35 KA, 800 Amps ?


What is the meager?

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what is excitation/


how capacitor control the power factor/

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I have two power supply.a)govt. power b)Captive power.3 phase load connected inside factory.when source change govt. source to captive some motor rotate reverse. Is phase sequence changes when if off & on?If I off generator & on it again is it possible to get changed phase sequence??

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what is meant by LT & HT?

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purpose of breaker contact multiplication relay?

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what is post close & pre close of trip circuit supervision relay in circuit breaker control scheme?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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