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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between Current transformer & Capacitive voltage transformer

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?

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What is the effect on in Zone and out zone fault if Phase side CT is Vk/2<30 mA and Neutral side is CT is Vk/4<30 mA for Transformer REF protection


What is effect on in zone and out zone fault if CT chosen for phase side is Vk/2<5mA and Neutral side is Vk/2<15mA on REF protection of Transformer


What is the basis for selecting Vk/2 or Vk/4 for REF and Differential protection of Transformer and What is the significance of magnetising current


what is the purpose of high speed earth switch in gas insulated substat


how to modify DOL control panel into Delta Y connection?


how many testing use in power transformer?tell equipment names?

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what is the meaning write of AC1,AC2,AC3 .....power contactor

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Differentiate between power relay and reverse power relay?

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what effect on electrical equipment if PF is gone over 0.996 in leading when provider say that its keep in minimum 0.996lagging

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What is the difference between earth and neutral

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for a machine R=130 KVA Y=132 KVA B=144 KVA Then what will be the total kva

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what is the rating of Insulation tester for measure 15 KW, 3 phase 415V 50 HZ induction motor?

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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