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ABB Interview Questions
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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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What meant by lagging and leading? When if they are occurred what preventive methods should be taken?

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what is a far pointer

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What is USGAAP?

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What is Born in sale?

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What are the documents require for Born in sale in relation to sales tax?

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what is High value sale?


what area are you specialized in accounting?

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What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters?

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What is the average number of comparisons needed in a sequential search to determine the position of an element in an array of 100 elements, if the elements are ordered from largest to smallest?

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what is cogging and crawling

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what is the flip flop

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Can any one help me to get catia v5 interview qustions

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What is the meaning of TRI Vector meter?

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What is the difference between voltage transformer and potential transformer?

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ABB Interview Questions

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